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Young refugees curate a festival programme What is a film if it dispenses with dialogue? What forms of cinematic expression […]


Angelina Maccarone, Dorothee Wenner

With ANGELINA MACCARONE moderated by Dorothee Wenner, film-maker, writer and curator In this workshop, writer and film director Angelina Maccarone […]

Practical Seminar: Film Finance – How much money for how much film?

Juliane Thevissen, Claudia Droste-Deselaers, Jutta Krug

As soon as her film has been conceived, whether as a fiction feature or as a documentary, the film-maker is […]

To manage and cost a film project as efficiently as possible, it advisable to start thinking about the post-production process […]

Girls’ Focus Workshop 2011

Eva-Maria Marx, Nina von Guttenberg

Workshop Film: Focus on Film Editing Director: Eva-Maria Marx Adviser: Nina von Guttenberg »… the workshop was great, the listing […]

Connected Open Greens

Annemie Maes

Workshop with Annemie Maes including a seed-bombing stroll through Dortmund If we really want to reshape our urban way of […]

mobile festival laboratory – Experiments in sustainable and people-friendly utilisation of the public space To explore how an urban future […]

MODERATED BY SOPHIE MAINTIGNEUX »The light that carves out a section of the world from darkness produces the images we […]

WORKSHOP ORGANISER: BRITTA WANDAOGO PROJECT MANAGER: BETTY SCHIEL Paradise Park started in 2017. It uses an outside broadcast truck owned […]

Systemic constellation work for film workers from all profession groups,who are looking for resolution impulses in conflicts, blocks to creativity […]

Improvisation theatre and the development of creativity for filmworkers of all professions with Sabine Brose Creativity is necessary if something […]

A short -film programme for foreign language lessons and beyond Many steps are needed until the dialogues of a given […]