Workshop: Pretty Deadly Self Defense

19 Apr 11:00
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Workshop: Pretty Deadly Self Defense

A practical self-defence course against zombies and slashers, in which the boundary between screen and audience is blurred. Out-of-control monsters going berserk with rage and calculated anger in slasher films. Using film clips from classic horror films, participants under the guidance of Susie Kahlich will learn which moves to use to successfully defend themselves against attackers. What options do we have to defend ourselves, turn anger around and send it back to where it came from?

Susie Kahlich is the founder of Pretty Deadly Self Defense, a user-friendly self defence system she developed based on her 20+ years of Ninjutsu training, her experience as a violent crime survivor and her training in storytelling. Susie has been teaching self defence since 2009 across the US and Europe, and has worked with violent crime survivors, trauma victims and refugee and immigrant communities on three different continents and in multiple cities around the world.

In the second part, Betty Schiel (IFFF) and Sara Neidorf (Final Girls Berlin Film Festival) work with participants to explore the subversive possibilities of a feminist appropriation of anger. Looking at the Focus films, they discuss empowering filmic strategies that can be used to dismantle the taboos surrounding freely expressed female rage.

Please bring comfortable clothing.

The workshop language is English.

Admission is free.

Registration is possible for FLINTA* only:

In cooperation with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)