Girls’ Focus Workshop 2011

Girls’ Focus Workshop 2011

Eva-Maria Marx, Nina von Guttenberg

Workshop Film: Focus on Film Editing

Director: Eva-Maria Marx
Adviser: Nina von Guttenberg

»… the workshop was great, the listing of festivals very useful, I am 100 percent motivated to take up directing and I have seen some really good films.«
– Participant of a previous workshop

The Girls‘ Focus Workshop of the Dortmund | Cologne International Women‘ s Film Festival offers young women from the age of 16 a weekend course providing a professional orientation in the film branch. Apart from the opportunity of making your own first films, it is particularly the meetings with women specialists from a very wide variety of film working areas such as directing, camera, sound, scriptwriting and editing, the exchange of information on festival films and – a central part – the topic-related practical day, intended to offer them an insight into the world of film: Schnittmuster [Cutting Sample] is the title of the sixth Girls‘ Focus Workshop, in which film editor Nina von Guttenberg will explain the basics of film editing. Participants practice how image and sound recording are deliberately transformed into a new unit, in theory and in practise. The weekend workshop is concluded with the workshop discussion with Angelina Maccarone.


Eva-Maria Marx

Eva-Maria Marx works as a freelance media educationalist and journalist for such projects as Hören e.V., jfc Medienzentrum e.V. and the Grimme Institute, specialising in media education for children, young people and adults.

Nina von Guttenberg

Nina von Gutternberg is a qualified audio and video media designer, having completed advanced training in film montage at international film school cologne. She has worked since 2003 as a film editor on movies for both cinema and TV with an emphasis on documentaries.

Films by Nina von Guttenberg (Selection)
Warschau-Frankenstein 2011 (AT ) | Nichts ist besser als gar nichts 2010 | Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt 2010 | Was wir wollen – Geld, Moral und Freiheit 2010 | Ali sein Garten 2009 | Five Ways to Dario 2009 | Windschief 2007 | Kopfende Hassloch 2005