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Soup Film Performance

Dagie Brundert

»My heart beats for the beauty of analogue film with all its uncertainties and blurred contours, for physical material, for […]

VIDEOS & PERFORMANCE »Dear Sierra Leone, Germany is an amazing country full of milk and honey. May the Lord continue […]

With a concept of art that intermediates between private and public life, »Club Fortuna« takes pleasure in causing perplexity. Their […]

What’s Good?

Anja Kaiser, Katharina Merten

»I know you want me. You don’t have to tell me. All your fucking money that you give me and […]

In her live drawing shows the film-maker, artist and performer Lisa Gornick combines her different professions: Lisa sits at a […]

Lover in Improvement (Edited Version)

Anna-Lena Meisenberg (Artist)

In her performances, Anna-Lena Meisenberg adopts the role of her alter-ego Nikki Sharp. She deals with dominant role models and […]

Up in Arms

Anna-Maria Nabirye (Artist), Annie Saunders (Artist)

Artists Anna-Maria Nabirye and Annie Saunders present their new multi-disciplinary work, Up in Arms, a new way to make space […]

LEIBEINSPEISE – Intermission Diary

Anna-Lena Meisenberg (Artist)

I’d like to pick you up and see you melt. The dissolving of your form should expose and deform you. […]

Obviously, She’s Looking for Someone

Susanne Dilger (Artist)

They suddenly appear out of the blue, in the middle of the city, in department store doorways, at traffic lights, […]

Super-8 Performance

Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert is processing Super 8 material in her kitchen. »I have been making Super 8 films for decades and […]