18 Jun 19:30

Super-8 Performance

Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert is processing Super 8 material in her kitchen.

»I have been making Super 8 films for decades and now I’m also a recognised organic alchemist. Organic film processing using eco-friendly ingredients is something I’m passionate about. First, it prevents further polluting of our planet. And it also helps us to understand the material itself. I’m a kind of alchemical witch, processing films and photos in an organic brew while deepening my knowledge of the material and of how to capture time and light. I film the strange oddities in life. And my natural surroundings give me something – we are all connected to one another. I’m completely under the spell of the haptic analogue world, and it whisks me off to a place where I develop eco-friendly organic potions!«


Porträt Dagie Brundert, Filmemacherin

Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert studied visual arts and experimental film in Berlin, and in the late 1980s fell in love with Super 8 film. Ever since, she’s taught herself everything she can; she absorbs everything, chews it and spits it out again. In recent years, she has become a specialist in organically processed Super 8 films and photos. She creates several Super 8 works every year. Brundert’s work is shown at festivals worldwide.

Films by Dagie Brundert (Selection)

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