Spot on, NRW!

Spot on, NRW!

The name Spot on, NRW! is a fitting tag. It represents a positive accolade for NRW. But directing a »spotlight« onto someone also means turning the beam round towards those often working behind the scenes.

We want to provide an unfiltered insight into what it really takes for women to compete and succeed in the film industry. Women producers and distributors who successfully work with female directors talk about who they are and what they do in a workshop discussion format. The chance to discuss and connect with experienced colleagues and producers enhances awareness for their own work and helps build networks.

The new Shoot – KHM&IFFF Dortmund+Köln Award for Female Artists of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne is presented as part of this section.
This new section is making its debut in Dortmund this year.

This year we’ll present the Cologne documentary film collective Dokomotive. Dokomotive is a dynamic group of around 20 documentary filmmakers, providing a contrast to the image of artistic sole practitioners and genius directors. The artistic concept of the Dokomotive platform is to screen selected documentaries at special locations and thus create an immersive audience experience.

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