ECFA Short Film Award

ECFA Short Film Award

In 2020 the Festival launched an award for the best short film for children. The ECFA Short Film Award, which does not include any prize money, is awarded to a European short film for children by a jury made up of three members of the European Children’s Film Association. Films up to 30 minutes long from the Festival’s children’s and youth programme are nominated.

Even though the award carries no prize money, it is highly regarded internationally as the jury panel consists of experts in European children’s film. Each winning film is also nominated for the competition for the best European children’s film of the year. This selection is compiled by all ECFA members, and since 2011 the award has been presented at the Berlinale.

In collaboration with the European Childrens Film Association.


2022: Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin Kiki, the Feather (Kiki la plume) (FR 2020)

2021: Aliona Sasková for Leaf (BY/CZ 2020)

2020: Yana Ugrekhelidze for Armed Lullaby (DE 2019)