IFFF revisited

In this archive programme we dip into the Festival’s now 30-year-old-plus back catalogue and present ground-breaking films by women directors that are still highly topical today. By our curators combing through the archive, different themes and aspects possibly overlooked in the past can be spotlighted, thus connecting links in the history of emancipation and film where none were previously present (or visible). The long-term aim of this programme is to strengthen queer-feminist historical representation and memory culture.

The signature of the curators of this programme comes through in the films they select. In 2020, Berlin scholar Kat Gorska curated a selection of experimental films from the 70s and 80s. The 2021 programme features a group of students from Ruhr University in Bochum presenting the subject of Club culture.

Curated by Leah Gerfelmeyer, Saskia Kahrmann, Leonard Meinhövel, Natalie Pielok und Christian Wandhoff.

The short-film programme IFFF Revisited: Rhythm in Chaos – the Archive in Motion delves into the festival’s archive. The focus […]