Out of Place

Friederike Güssefeld

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Weed, alcohol, speed, coke: this is how street-wise yet naïve teenager Kevin sums up his life in Germany. Classed as being ›beyond integration‹, Kevin, David and Dominik are sent away to live and work on farms in Romania. It’s hoped that the monotony of everyday life in the country – school, farm work, sport and group meetings – and a clearly defined structure will give the troubled teenagers stability, confidence and a sense of responsibility so that one day they can return to Germany. While they search for recognition and love and the points they need for their weekly assessment report, the three boys try to find their own place in the world. But how can they change?

Out of Place is a quiet and sensitive portrait of the three young men as they try to settle into their new environment and reflect upon their progress. Three of hundreds of German adolescents sent on ›intensive educational projects abroad‹, they typify shifting problems and solutions in a globalised world. Friederike Güssefeld addresses this controversial issue in social education in Germany without making any hasty judgments. In view of the protagonists’ willingness to adapt to their new surroundings and frequent homesickness, however, we ask ourselves under what conditions this kind of learning experience can be considered positive – and what the price is for a system whose main goal is for these young adults to function.

Awards for Out of Place: Best Documentary – FIRST STEPS Award 2019

In collaboration with Dokomotive.

Director / Script

Friederike Güssefeld


Adrian Campean, Julian Krubasik


Sven Heussner, Miriam Märk

Sound / Music

Wolf-Maximilian Liebich


Florian Brüning, Thomas Herberth – Horse&Fruits


Bayerischer Rundfunk



Portrait of Friederike Güssefeld

Friederike Güssefeld

Born in Hamburg in 1984, Friederike Güssefeld studied modern German literature and communication sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. From 2008, she studied film directing in the Documentary and Television Journalism department of Munich University of Television and Film. Her graduation film Out of Place won her the FIRST STEPS Award in 2019.

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