This year’s Specials could not be a more diverse line-up: women’s football, film history, self-portraits and portraits of others, the last workshop discussion with Sophie Maintigneux, retrospectives and questions about the future and a grand panel discussion on film culture in the city and in the country. But in all cases, the focus is on the power of cinema to bring people together and engage in dialogue. Each of these specials is an invitation to discover something new and engage in lively discussions afterwards.

Copa 71

Rachel Ramsay, James Erskine


»Why haven’t I seen this before?« In the first scene of Copa 71, American international footballer Brandi Chastain stares at […]

This year, the female film friends are once again part of the IFFF Dortmund+Cologne! As part of the female film […]

Mimosa e. V. is a feminist film, art and music collective from the independent cultural scene in Cologne, consisting of […]

We immerse ourselves in the images of Birgit Hein – and in the world of one of the most important […]

Introducing the INTO THE WILD mentorship programme INTO THE WILD is a mentorship programme aimed at empowering young female film-makers […]

Standing in front of a cinema screen, Karolin Meunier places herself between the images and words to dig into the […]

NRW Film Culture Network theme day What does cinema mean today? What is cinema today? Cinema is a social setting […]

The IFFF Dortmund+Cologne welcomes the new Cologne-based group Palestinians and Jews for Peace to the festival. The feminist group, which […]