Coraci Ruiz

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This is an autobiographical film told from the perspective of a mother who follows the gender transitioning process of her son. In beautiful photomontages, the film-maker reflects upon her expectations in life and asks her own mother about her struggles and ideals. In the course of the three years in which the film was made, opinions, circumstances and visions change in all three generations. Looking at her son, the film-maker questions herself and examines her fears and also her prejudices. Her son finds his own means of expression. Instead of working with a camera, he sketches and invents characters and stories. Their visual worlds differ greatly. The son’s perspectives also change frequently. He joins the queer movement and his mother accompanies him to demonstrations and is reminded of the times she has protested on the streets herself. Limiar is an intimate family portrait, an autobiographical documentary and a cross-generational story. An imbalance emerges between mother and son. She holds the camera and is the one who asks the questions. But she can also decide on treatment options and sign papers for her underage son.

In collaboration with Frauen*Lesben Referat of the RUB and Feminismus im Pott.

Director / Cinematography

Coraci Ruiz


Coraci Ruiz, Luiza Fagá


Luiza Fagá

Sound / Sound Design

Guile Martins


Natalia Mallo


Julio Matos


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Portrait of Coraci Ruiz

Coraci Ruiz

Coraci Ruiz first completed a degree in Dance, before gaining a Master’s in Audiovisual Culture and Media. She then acquired a PhD in Multimedia. In 2003, she co-founded the production company Laboratório Cisco. Her documentaries focus on issues of human rights, the environment as well as culture. Her film Threshold was part of the programme desired! at IFFF Dortmund+Köln two years ago. While in Threshold she also reflects on her own position and questions of desire and gender, in Blooming on the Asphalt she has chosen to focus more on the public domain and the political setting for the private events.

Films by Coraci Ruiz

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