Club Q: The Legendary Dance Party for Women

Kristen Wolf

IFFF revisited

It all started back in the 1980s. Avid DJ Page Hordel assembled a collective of spirited girlfriends, and together they created the unique phenomenon that was Club Q, San Francisco’s legendary lesbian party. For 15 years, on the first Friday of every month, about 1,000 women of different colours, ages and backgrounds came together to party. Club Q’s longevity and its diverse clientèle appeared something of a miracle in the city’s fickle club scene.

Director / Script / Cinematography / Sound / Production

Kristen Wolf


Stefan Prescott


Amanda Andress, Chloe Atkins, Lulu Belliveau, Diane Benjamin, Kathleen Connell, Jill Corral, Richelle Donigan, Edaj, Karen Elliott, Susan Fahey, Prez Francisco, Gia Giasullo, Deborah Guerrero, Lauren Hewitt, Page, Hordel, Anita Lofton, Carmen Morrison, Heather Nelson, Carol Parker, Erika Perez, Stefanie Prezzatura, Tala Russell, Olga Texidor, Maei Thomas, Terri Warkenthien, Evelyn Zamora


Kristen Wolf

Portrait of director Kristen Wolf.

Kristen Wolf

Kristen Wolf’s artistic work includes the film Club Q as well as several award-winning books. Raised near New York City, Wolf’s life has been characterised by a tension between a life in the country and her public education. This diversity is also reflected in her work and interests: the genres of her work range from subversive historical fiction to speculative fiction, fantasy and non-fiction essays.

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