Human Radio

Miranda Pennell

Short film
IFFF revisited

Human Radio by Miranda Pennell, from 2002, could just as easily have been shot in 2020. The short film is about people using dance and music to help get through day-to-day life. It came about after people answered Pennell’s local newspaper ad looking for ›living-room dancers‹ – people who love to dance behind closed doors. Expressed in the film’s short individual episodes is people’s longing for movement, intimacy and a sense of connectedness, both with themselves and others, and a desire to find their own rhythm. We get to share these intimate moments.

Director / Script

Miranda Pennell


Mary Farbrother


Miranda Pennell, Russ Clapham


Graeme Miller


Andy Cowton


Rupert Jones, Nadia Redpath, Shakil Moosuddee, Elsie McGarry, Melissa Nettlefort, Evelyn Markham, John Langlei, Nikki Langley, Kate Cooper


David Z. Obadiah



Miranda Pennell

Miranda Pennell, born 1963, originally trained in contemporary dance before later studying visual anthropology. She has made award-winning films and video works that explore various forms of collective performance. Showings and exhibitions of Pennell’s work include mixed programmes and group shows at Tate Britain (2014), Whitechapel Gallery (2015), the mumok museum for modern art in Vienna (2012) and the Kunsthaus Zurich art museum (2015). Pennell lives and works in London.

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