The events on our Specials agenda are dedicated to very special films that are given a place on the festival programme outside the individual sections. This year it’s all about interdisciplinary events where films, publications and exhibitions take a look at the current impact of historical events from way back. We invite you to take part in the reading of our first ever festival book, on women directors from East Germany, to rediscover the famous peasant portraits by August Sander and to talk face to face with a host of female film-makers, artists and authors.

We are proud to present our latest book, Was wir filmten − Filme von ostdeutschen Regisseurinnen nach 1990 (What We […]

»As a young woman, finding a male mentor who can open up new avenues to you is still easy. But […]

Westerwald: A Visitation

Sandra Schäfer

dt. OmeU

The two-channel video installation by international artist Sandra Schäfer shows, on the left screen, an essay film on August Sander’s […]