Film Education

Film Education

We look forward very much to an inquisitive young audience and many interesting discussions!

In the beginning is the dream, the idea, the thought. And where can you better dream than in the cinema? Where else can you immerse yourself so deeply in stories, travel to foreign countries and dare take a view (in the real sense of the word) at the world outside your own radius?

Strictly speaking, the cinema does not teach. But, in the best-case scenario, a particular film can feed back into the viewers’ lives, experiences, ideas and desires. Cinema as a school of sight, a school of empathy, a window to the world, a space for aesthetic education, a multiple sensory experience … these and similar descriptions are all available, assuming you wish (and indeed you should) to explain what the cinema as a place can give children and young adults.

In other words: school, OK, but beyond the school walls. Learning, OK, but beyond a curricular utility. The eight selections presented here may be understood primarily as an invitation to the poetry of the big picture on the big screen and, equally, as an invitation to take part in a lively exchange of views. Often enough, one’s own perspective will shift a bit
or expand a bit when one discovers what the person in the next seat happens to think, feel or rate. A least, this is what our experience in the course of fi lm discussions with school students in the past has repeatedly shown.

At times of competing cultural offers, with teachers perhaps being spoiled for choice, institutional partnerships are more important than ever. Well, the Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival is in the fortunate  position of having on its side stalwart companions in the field of film studies: the Doxs! for Children and Young Adults, unlimited Cologne Short Film Festival and the jfc Media Centre / Cinepänz.

In association with doxs! dokumentarfilmfestival für kinder und jugendliche, unlimited Kurzfilmfestival Köln and jfc Medienzentrum

Animation film

Not being part of this world – this is a feeling many adolescents share when spots suddenly start to appear, […]

All Cats Are Grey

Savina Dellicour


Dorothy is in the middle of an identity crisis. To the outside world, her family appears to be perfect: father, […]

Blindes Vertrauen

Allan Harmon

Feature Film

Seventeen-year-old Alex dreams of flying, and of running for his school’s track team and taking part in the forthcoming competition. […]

Documentary narrative is as diverse as life itself. Documentaries have the power to move, to surprise and to provide fascinating […]

I’ve Had a Belly Full of Pink

Suli Puschban, Mathieu Seiler

Music video

The song ›I’ve Had a Belly Full of Pink‹ puts an end to gender stereotypes and roles. Fairy Lillifee meets […]

Lola and the Pea

Thomas Heinemann

Feature Film

Lola doesn’t go to the hairdresser’s any more, and she doesn’t want to wash her neck any more either. That’s […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

Claudia Richarz, Eva-Maria Marx

Introduced in 2006, the Girls’ Focus Workshop at the Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln offers women over the age of 16 […]

My Skinny Sister

Sanna Lenken

Feature Film

»I drew on my own experiences, but I also did a lot of research. Of course it was important for […]


Saskia Diesing

Feature Film

Nena is 16 and in love for the first time – with Carlo, the baseball team pitcher with the blue […]


»You can’t have a set plan with children. For a start, they’re only allowed to be on set five hours […]