Blindes Vertrauen

Blindes Vertrauen

Allan Harmon

Feature Film
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Seventeen-year-old Alex dreams of flying, and of running for his school’s track team and taking part in the forthcoming competition. Both dreams seem equally out of reach as Alex is blind. Determined to be a runner, however, Alex has trained with his father Geoff from a very early age. The friendly school coach tells him he can participate in the competition under one condition: that he finds a running partner who can accompany him.
Geoff finds he can no longer keep up with his son, but help arrives in the form of Brad, Alex’s classmate. Usually running from the law, Brad only agrees to train with Alex because the agreement saves him from going to jail.
In If I Had Wings, Allan Harmon brings together two very different boys who under normal circumstances probably would not have met. For all their differences and despite the opposition, an unusual and rewarding friendship develops.


Allan Harmon


Michael Markus, Tim Stubinski


Neil Cervin


Martin Berthiaume


Stu Goldberg


Richard Harmon, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Craig Bierko, Jil Hennessy, Lorne Cardinal, Genevieve Buechner


Kim Arnott, Allan Harmon, Cynde Harmon, Michael Moran, Fernando Szew, Arnie Zipursky


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Allan Harmon

Allan Harmon is a producer, director and actor. If I Had Wings is a family production and stars Harmon’s son Richard; wife Cynde was responsible for its production. The film is Harmon’s debut as a director.