Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

Mirror Mirror on the Wall …

Claudia Richarz, Eva-Maria Marx

Introduced in 2006, the Girls’ Focus Workshop at the Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln offers women over the age of 16 professional orientation in the film industry. Alongside discussions about their own first films, participants have the opportunity to meet women experts from all areas of film practice, such as directing, camera work, sound design, scriptwriting and editing, and review festival films.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall … is the title of the tenth Girls’ Focus Workshop. This time participants search for ideal body images and role models with film-maker Claudia Richarz. They use still cameras to find out what staged scenarios feel like and discuss how they work.

In Cooperation with UZWEI im Dortmunder U, LizzyNet and jfc Medienzentrum.

Portrait of Claudia Richarz

Claudia Richarz

Claudia Richarz studied Visual Communication at Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK). In 1979 she co-founded »Bildwechsel«, a Hamburg-based umbrella organisation for women involved in media, culture and the arts. In 2000 she won a Grimme TV award for her ten-part documentary series Abnehmen in Essen. Her short film Schau mich an won the top award in the XXShorts section of Cologne’s Short Film Festival. Richarz lives in Eckernförde.

Films by Claudia Richarz (Selection)
Schau mich an 2017 | Vulva 3.0 (with Ulrike Zimmermann) 2013 | Das Nummerngirl 1989 | Der Zug aus Leipzig (with Astrid Proll) 1988

Eva-Maria Marx

Eva-Maria Marx works as a freelance media educationalist and journalist for such projects as Hören e.V., jfc Medienzentrum e.V. and the Grimme Institute, specialising in media education for children, young people and adults.