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»It is time for a common, diverse view through the cameras.«

AwThe winners of our National Competition for Women Directors of Photography used the award ceremony on 21 April for statements and appeals that we greatly appreciate and endorse. Especially given the fact that not a single woman was selected from 449 submissions for the 18 nominations in the German Camera Award 2024.

Caroline Spreitzenbart
Award for Best Cinematography Documentary Film for: Life is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning, D: Julia Fuhr Mann, D 2023, 79′

“We have made telling stories in pictures our profession. Cinematographers visualise what we perceive and strongly influence the impact of the narrative. That’s why it’s so important to take a look behind the camera and see who is taking the pictures.

Only cameramen were nominated for this year’s German Camera Award. One argument in favour was that these were the best submissions. But isn’t this judgement strongly influenced by our viewing habits? Don’t we perceive what we know as high quality and good? Isn’t it mainly the work of men that we see on the screen?

We ask ourselves whether this is a message to us that we are not good enough. Yet we are the ones who have more to say than the male gaze. Here, too, we are still stuck in the binary discussion about male and female. We think it’s time for a common, diverse view through the cameras. And a German film industry that promotes and appreciates this diversity of perspectives.”

Greta Isabella Conte
Award for Best Cinematography Feature Film for: About Them, D: Moritz Krämer, D 2023, 100′

»Sharing a space here with so many wonderful, strong female artists and connecting with each other is very empowering and inspiring for us. In our society, it is unfortunately often not easy to assert ourselves. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves in order to be taken seriously and recognised. It is a long and, for many of us, a hard process to recognise and acquire these skills and mindsets.

To manage the often exhausting balancing act of fulfilling all roles and still have staying power: As a woman, artist, boss, head of department, mother, etc. Roles for which we have to take responsibility and yet still have to justify and establish ourselves. This makes it all the more important to support and strengthen each other in a male-dominated film industry instead of constantly duelling. To break down the old power structures in order to create a new appreciation.

That’s why we all want to see more recognition, appreciation and respect for the work that many female artists do and are grateful to be here today. We still have a long way to go. But events like this one create a framework for more transparency for ALL those who are often unseen or overlooked.
Artists who do so much great work!

What if the future of film is not only female? What if the future of film is diverse?«

Jana Bauch
Honourable mention for: was brennt, D: Jana Bauch, D 2023, documentary film, 30′

»I agree with the statements of the two previous speakers. I have experienced situations in which there have been attempts at discrimination and intimidation by the police on the basis of appearance or gender. For example, it was claimed that the press card was fake. In addition, despite showing the press card, the body was patted down and grabbed under the underwear. Obviously, it is not yet a matter of course that the professionalism of FLINTA* people behind the camera is recognised. Precisely because situations like this still happen today, the support of FLINTA* filmmakers through the Frauen Film Fest is super important and empowering. Thanks to the whole team.«