Die feige Schönheit

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Die feige Schönheit

Greta Isabella Conte (DoP)

Statement of the Jury (Yoliswa von Dallwitz, Antonia Kilian, Agnesh Pakozdi):

Greta Isabella Conte’s camera work for the film Die feige Schönheit impressively demonstrates her ability to create visually stunning images with great artistry and the bold use of special framing techniques. This outstanding work is evidence of excellent collaboration with the director. What particularly impresses is her bravery in using extreme long shots to portray encounters, producing a powerful effect that remains long in the viewer’s memory. This approach subtly integrates the city’s architecture into the story and makes it a protagonist in its own right. Motifs of urban architecture provide a structure for the relationships within the skater crew.

Greta Isabella Conte presents us with an impressive range of visual ideas perfectly suited to the genre and the plot, leading us on an emotional journey right up close to the film’s characters.

Her virtuoso use of the hand-held camera puts us right in the midst of the action and skilfully directs our gaze to both the major and minor plot threads. From a hand behind a blind caught in the backlight to a room full of teenagers in the heat of summer – the lighting design and colour composition always capture the mood perfectly and provide support for the film’s plot. Without forcing herself on the viewer, Greta Isabella Conte creates an authenticity that is a pleasure to watch.

Guest: Greta Isabella Conte


Moritz Krämer


Greta Isabella Conte


Evelyn Rack

Sound Design

Duc Anh Nguyen


Pascale Numan, Sira-Anna Faal, Lea Meny, Melika Nazari, Marine Bourdais, Ludwig Schubert, Melika Foroutan, Max Hubacher


Jost Hering Filme, Maritza Grass


Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb), Carousel Film, Moritz Krämer


Carousel Film

Portrait of Greta Isabella Conte

Greta Isabella Conte (DoP)

Since childhood, Greta Isabelle Conte has been drawn to closely observing the people and situations in her immediate surroundings. She has a Bachelor’s degree in cinematography from the Film Academy Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg and is in the final stages of completing her Master’s. A sharp, disciplined eye combined with a sensitive handling of the moving camera characterise her restrained style. For Greta, cinematography is the careful, balanced interplay of a subject’s framing, lighting, pacing and movement. She tries to find a unique visual language that suits the story for each of her projects.

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