Life Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning

Life Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning

Caroline Spreitzenbart (DoP)

OmeU, dt. UT
Audience Award

Statement of the Jury (Yoliswa von Dallwitz, Antonia Killian, Agnesh Pakozdi):

The film Life Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning uses an innovative form to present a fresh and new take on a complex issue. In virtually no other area of society is the binary gender system so rigidly adhered to as in sport. Through a blend of collage, stylisation, performative elements and agitprop, this hybrid documentary presents a queer-feminist alternative to the world of sport.

The creative form takes us on a compelling historical journey and lays bare the absurdity of the reality in a fascinating and powerful way.
Cleverly combining archive footage with contemporary scenes and athletes re-enacting the story, the film is artistically portrayed through bold, colourful and graphic imagery. Caroline Spreitzenbart steers our gaze with meticulous attention to detail, while also daring to use extreme long shots that emphasise the architecture and its ideological significance. She impressively creates a highly creative exploration of the subject.

Using iconic images of bodies, Caroline Spreitzenbart demonstrates exceptional flair for daring shots, plays with coloured light and intensifies gestures through cleverly directed gazes. This is all achieved in keeping with the overall artistic, innovative visual approach that immerses us as viewers in the film.

Guest: Caroline Spreitzenbart 

Director / Script

Julia Fuhr Mann


Caroline Spreitzenbart


Melanie Jilg, Merit Giesen


Cornelia Böhm


Annet Negesa, Amanda Reiter, Caitlin Fisher, Daniel Marin Medina, Chun Mei Tan, Eva Maria Jost, Jakob Levi Stahlberg, Oumou Aidara, Greta Graf


Melissa Byrne, Sophie Ahrens, Fabian Altenried, Kristof Gerega


Caroline Spreitzenbart


Porträt von Caroline Spreitzenbart

Caroline Spreitzenbart (DoP)

Caroline Spreitzenbart (born 1991) began studying in 2014 at Munich University of Television and Film (HFF). She has worked on numerous film productions. Since receiving a DAAD Talent Scholarship putting her under the tuition of Luciana Kaplan at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico, she has continuously collaborated on productions in Mexico City. She recently won the ARRI Production Award and the Michael Ballhaus Prize at the First Steps Awards with the feature-length film Life Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning.

Films by Caroline Spreitzenbart (cinematography, selection)
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