Jackson/Marker 4am

Ruth Beckermann

Short film
IFFF revisited

Early hours of the morning in Jackson in the US state of Mississippi. Someone with a dress pulled on over other clothes dances in the road to loud rap music coming from off camera. The contrast between the music and the main character’s appearance and passionate performance isn’t what we expect, serving up moments of non-conformity. A mystifying quote at the start of the film also invites us to reflect on rhythms that come from inside.

Director / Script / Production

Ruth Beckermann


Antoine Parouty


Dieter Pichler


Atanas Tcholakov



Portrait of Ruth Beckermann in front of a white wall.

Ruth Beckermann

Ruth Beckermann, born 1952 in Vienna, is a multi award-winning and internationally acclaimed Austrian film-maker and author specialising in documentaries with political or historical backgrounds. As well as her work as a director, she ran a film distribution company for seven years, then taught at several universities. Since the turn of the millennium she has also worked on installations and exhibitions.

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