Genderless Jellyfish

Coral Short

IFFF revisited

Coral Short’s Genderless Jellyfish, shot in an aquarium in Vancouver, might seem a misfit for our film programme. It’s based on a YouTube video that highlights the magic and peculiarity of jellyfish, including their non-contact sex life and spooky immortality. And through its focus on the genderless existence of jellyfish, the questions the binary basis of gender. What could be read as a queer disconnect in terms of our basic concept addresses fluid movement, particularly on an aesthetic level.

Director / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Sound / Production

Coral Short


Groupe Intervention Vidéo

Coral Short

Coral Short is an international performance, sound and video artist. Humour, fantasy and transformation are essential elements of her work, which bridges the gap between night-life and art, incorporating the entire range of ideas related to her communities. In her work she supports the identity and energy of the new queer generation. Coral Short currently lives and works in Montreal and New York.

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