The Natural Death of a Mouse

Der natürliche Tod der Maus

Katharina Huber

Animation film

These are catastrophic times: climate collapse, the waste from today’s civilisation, contaminated fruit, not to mention the social pressures. The protagonist takes all this greatly to heart and looks for some spiritual solace.
Some days she imagines that simply through the powers of her mind she can make the body parts of people she thinks are evil drop off. Other days, everyone around her looks just beautiful. And when she was little, she used to wish that flowers could grow out of her footprints.
This film takes a probing look into our own states of mind.

Director / Animation / Production / Contact

Katharina Huber


Marcus Zilz


Chris Pitsiokos, Emil Brahe, Janina Warnk, Kevin Shea, Matt Mottel, Vittoria Quartararo

Katharina Huber

Katharina Huber was born in St. Petersburg, studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and then earned a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to attend the Royal College of Art in London. She subsequently set up a film production company. Huber currently lives and works in Cologne. Her artistic work spans drawing, animation and live-action film-making.

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