Deniz Şimşek

Documentary, Experimental

A defining childhood experience gets the mind going and poses the question: How does memory work? At home, the TV was on all the time. A sentence overheard on TV leads to a gender experience in the school playground, with unexpected consequences. A departure point for a lot of things to come, such as anger. Or is it? Memory follows its own routes.

Director / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Production / Contact

Deniz Şimşek


Deniz Şimşek, Christian Obermaier

Portrait of Deniz Şimşek

Deniz Şimşek

Deniz Şimşek was born in 1995 in Istanbul, where she also later studied film. Since 2016 she has lived in Berlin, where she studied at Berlin University of the Arts under Professor Thomas Arslan. Her work treads a line between documentary and fiction, between the personal and the socio-political. She deals with themes such as identity, gender and memory.

Films by Deniz Şimşek
Kuru Deniz Parlak Tuz 2020 | A Daughter 2019