Semanas de areia, meses de cinza, anos de pó

Weeks of Sand, Months of Ash, Years of Dust

Rita Macedo

desired! – film lust & queer

This is a film about retrospection. Rita Macedo looks at whether film can change perspectives, and links a personal narrative to a colonial story and a re-evaluation of past events. Set partly in Macau, the director asks how the city’s colonial history is visible, or rather, where it is not visible. Once the home of the film-maker, the history of the city is also interwoven with the story of her mother.

Director / Script / Editing / Sound

Rita Macedo


Rita Macedo, Leonor Macedo


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Rita Macedo

Portrait of Rita Macedo

Rita Macedo

Rita Macedo is a Portuguese film-maker and video artist based in Berlin. Fascinated by the poetic affinity between moving images and trains of thought, Macedo’s works often move within the realms of documentary and speculative fiction and focus on meaning, memory and history. Her films have been shown at numerous international festivals. Since 2018, she has lectured on digital film and video at Braunschweig University of Art.

Films by Rita Macedo

Scars – Like Chandeliers 2020 | This Particular Nowhere 2015 | Implausible Things 2014 | Implausible Things #1 2012 | Non Film in Three Acts and a Prelude 2010