Teaches of Peaches

17 Apr 2024 20:30
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Teaches of Peaches

Judy Landkammer, Philipp Fussenegger

desired! – film lust & queer

In 2022, Peaches went on tour to celebrate the anniversary of her album ›Teaches of Peaches‹. This film accompanies her on tour, both on and off stage, but it’s much more than simply a concert film. For the film, Merrill Nisker, whose artistic career led to her adopting the stage name Peaches, gave the film-maker access to a large archive of video recordings, as well as granting interviews and access to rehearsals and gigs. This enables Teaches of Peaches to travel back and forth in time, connecting the past with the present. An impressive montage makes this possible, repeatedly creating references, contextualising what was with what is, lending it all a rhythm. It is a portrait of a female musician as an icon of queer-feminist communities. But it is also a film about getting older and about change. It is an extensive appreciation of her musical work and the way she shaped and changed pop culture. Documenting the artist’s impressive career is complemented by the space the film gives to her everyday life and its politics. Starting bands, a shared apartment in Berlin, early TV appearances for Peaches are some aspects taken up by the film, as are the music lessons for children which Merrill Nisker gave to earn money before she chose to be a career musician. It is not only the lyrics and stage shows of her band which are treated as political, but their everyday life and the way they choose to tour, work, live and be together. The question here is not finding the best or most effective performance, but to look at the people who gather together and create a space together.

In cooperation with SoundTrack Cologne

Awards for ›Teaches of Peaches‹
Teddy Award: Best Queer Documentary / Essay Film, Berlinale 2024


Judy Landkammer, Philipp Fussenegger


Cordula Kablitz-Post, Schyda Vasseghi


Dino Osmanović


Judy Landkammer

Sound Design

Torben Seemann, Reemt Allerding, Paul Eisenach, Jonas Hofer




Peaches, Black Cracker, Leslie Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Shirley Manson, Charlie Le Mindu


Cordula Kablitz-Post – avanti media fiction


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Porträt von Judy Landkammer

Judy Landkammer

Judy Landkammer studied multimedia art in Salzburg. She is a film and video editor. She already worked with Philipp Fussenegger on their film Henry and has also edited the film The Misandrists by Bruce La Bruce. Teaches of Peaches is her directorial debut.

Porträt von Philipp Fussenegger

Philipp Fussenegger

Philipp Fussenegger is an Austrian director, screenwriter and photographer. He studied in several places including the Cologne Academy of Media Arts (KHM), where he made Henry, his graduation film. Currently he is working on a film about the KitKatClub Berlin.

Films by Philipp Fussenegger
I Am the Tigress 2021 | Bester Mann 2018 | Henry 2015 | Zu schön um wahr zu sein (Too Good to Be True) 2010

17 Apr 2024 20:30
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