Life Unrehearsed

두 사람

Life Unrehearsed


Audience Award

The two protagonists in this film met and fell in love many years previously during a retreat. They both came as nurses from Korea to Germany, and today they live together in Berlin. The director Jieun BANPARK followed their daily lives for a while, getting to know parts of their story. As a couple, they are active in many ways, including as part of their church congregation, in providing palliative care for migrants, and within queer communities in South Korea and Germany. The film highlights their impressively diverse activities as an elderly lesbian couple, using their story to write a piece of queer migrant history that risks getting lost in the historiographies that dominate. The filmmaker herself seeks out this story and its connections for her own life in Berlin, but not only for that. Public places are connected to private spaces. The film gives space to their time in their Berlin apartment as well as their political activities on the street and in classrooms. The two protagonists look back on their life so far, with their memories writing a joint biography. Their private photo archive is woven together with the political history of their recruitment and their life in Berlin. The film clearly reveals how their daily routines and their memories are steeped in politics that can be seen in each and every moment, not just as a side issue.

Guest: Jieun BANPARK

Awards for ›Life Unrehearsed‹
Audience Award at the 5th Seoul Independent Women’s Film Festival 2023
New Choice Award at the 48th Seoul Independent Film Festival 2022

Director / Cinematography



Saebom Kim, Jieun BANPARK

Sound Design

Kyou-man Kim


Zihern Lee


Soohyun Lee, In-sun Kim


Dahyoung Kim


Cinema DAL

Porträt von Jieun BANPARK


Jieun BANPARK is a documentary film director, producer and visual artist. She lives in Berlin and Seoul. Life Unrehearsed is her first feature film. She studied Art in Seoul and Narrative Film at Berlin University of the Arts under Thomas Arslan. A starting point for her works is the experience of marginalised people. She documents stories that do not become part of the broader remembering, doing this to question and challenge that broader society. Her works are characterised by her queer-feminist perspective.

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