Strahlend grüne Wiese

Radiant Green Field

Sophie Hilbert

Short film

What do you actually find if you start digging a hole? Fifty years of uranium mining in the Ore Mountains have left behind landscapes that are quite literally radiant. In a humorous, anecdotal manner, talking sometimes in High German, sometimes with a Saxon dialect, Sophie Hilbert looks for traces of radioactivity in her native region. Together with fellow performers, she presents performative images, facts and stories about the redevelopment of industrial wastelands, eco-activism, family legends and a punk festival.

Guests: Lisa Dieling, Sophie Hilbert

Director / Script / Production

Sophie Hilbert


Lisa Dieling, Martin Nickel, Sophie Hilbert


Lisa Dieling, Lucine Moschref

Production / Contact

Sophie Hilbert

Portrait of director Sophie Hilbert

Sophie Hilbert

Sophie Hilbert completed a degree in visual communication at Kunsthochschule Kassel in 2021 and spent a semester as a guest student on the fashion and textile design programme at the University of Paderborn. She is a member of the artist platform TOKONOMA e. V. Kassel and the exhibition collective FREE ENTRY. She was a member of the international student initiative PANALOBBY until 2020.

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