Lori Felker


»I had a miscarriage while attending a film festival in 2016. This is a story about bad timing, ignorance, public isolation, choice, and the taboo.« (Lori Felker)

Lori Felker tells us about her miscarriage during the premiere of one of her short films at the Slamdance Film Festival. The film masterfully alternates between this tragedy and the festival atmosphere with its premiere parties and big public presence.

Director / Script / Editing / Sound/ Production / Contact

Lori Felker

Portrait of Lori Felker.

Lori Felker

Lori Felker is a Chicago-based film-maker/artist, teacher, programme curator and performer. Her films and videos attempt to study the unspoken, contradictory, delusional, frustrating and chaotic nature of human interaction. She loves every facet of film-making and has worked as a cinematographer, editor, and actor. She has also been a festival coordinator and film programmer for the Chicago Underground Film Festival and Roots & Culture Gallery. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the film department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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