Shame /Fame

Shame /Fame

Eef Hilgers

Documentary, Spielfilm
Film education

What takes place every day and every second on the Internet is a raging inferno: videos of people in embarrassing and intimate situations. Victims are mocked online and in real life they remain scarred. The director monitored online and interviewed the filmers and the filmed. But isn’t her film also a stage for hatred and public humiliation?
SHAME/FAME is also the focus of two educational workshops for teachers and school children under the direction of Aycha Riffi (Grimme Academy).

In cooperation with doxs! dokumentarfilme für kinder und jugendliche, Kompetenzteams NRW, Gesamtschule Scharnhorst, Heinrich Heine Gymnasium.

Funded by DEW21.

Director / Cinematography

Eef Hilgers


Daan Wijdeveld


Erik Griekspoor


Stan Koch


Moondocs, Anneke Uitendaal, Carolijn Borgdorff

Age Recommendation

suitable for age 16 and above

Eef Hilgers

Eef Hilgers

Eef Hilgers graduated from St. Joost Art Academy in Breda (Netherlands) in 2012 with the documentary film Just a Girl, You Know. The film portrays young girls whose identities are significantly shaped by YouTube. This was followed by other youth documentaries that look at how digitalisation impacts teenagers. Hilgers has also directed various series formats targeting young audiences.

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