Film education

Film education

For many years now, ›moving‹ pictures (in both senses of the word) for a young audience have been an integral part of Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival. Numerous pre-school children have enjoyed their very first taste of the cinema and watched films on a big screen for the first time in the stimulating atmosphere of our festival.

We welcome children of all age groups and from all types of school to our screenings in Dortmund and Cologne. With a programme aimed specifically at pre-school children (»Shorts for Kids«), we hope to support the development of media skills and film literacy from an early age. Another special feature of the festival are films for international school classes which tell stories through images and almost without language. All contributions in our programme »Well, come − Kommt alle!« have been selected by and for young refugees. In two workshops with teachers and school children, the short documentary Shame/Fame examines a virulent media debate: in a very personal manner, it explores the phenomenon of cyber bullying and hate speech in the digital world.

All screenings will be accompanied by in-depth discussions about the films with guests. The educational relevance of the programme is examined by an advisory board in the run-up to the festival. Teachers from Cologne and Dortmund contribute by recommending suitable age groups and ways to include films in lessons.

Showcasing films from different genres and countries, the programme will touch, surprise, but also bemuse young audiences and pose questions for which there are not always clear answers. By attempting to fill these gaps together, we want to encourage our visitors to approach media in a responsible and conscious manner.

In cooperation with doxs! dokumentarfilme für kinder und jugendliche, jfc Medienzentrum e.V., Musenkuss Köln

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