Well, come – Kommt alle!

Well, come – Kommt alle!

An Admission-Free Short Film Programme for International School Classes

Where language fails, images can make things instantly clear and understandable. As part of a workshop in the runup to the festival, international school children put together a selection of short films for Dortmund | Cologne IWFF. The programme relies on the genuine power of cinema and is aimed specifically at international school classes, although it is also suitable for special needs schools. We invite all school children to discover new aspects of film and play an active part in our discussions. The film contributions are aimed at children aged 12 and over and they tell stories with little or no dialogue.

The programme is part of the project »Digital dabei! 4.0 – Junge Geflüchtete partizipieren durch aktive Medienarbeit« (Digital participation! 4.0 – Young refugees join in through active media work).

In cooperation with Digital Dabei! 4.0, LAG Lokale Medienarbeit NRW e. V.

Funded by Ministerium für Kinder, Familie, Flüchtlinge und Integration des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kunstreich im Pott