Precautionary Measure

Lizzy Deacon and Ika Schwander

Short film

Helen wins a life coaching session in a raffle. She is assigned life coach Hazel, who introduces Helen to the worlds of a variety of healing strategies she’s never needed up to now. But Helen decides to go all in, and gets immersed in a mash-up of rituals and procedures designed to cope with fear, rejection and grief. The film-makers raise the question as to whom this pain really belongs to.

Directors / Script / Cinematography / Special Effects / Editing / Sound / Music / Cast / Production

Lizzy Deacon, Ika Schwander




Portrait of Lizzy Deacon and Ika Schwander

Lizzy Deacon and Ika Schwander

Lizzy Deacon and Ika Schwander are an artist duo working both in London and Maastricht. Their work spans performance and moving images, exploring ideas dealing with wildness, care and nurture, and biological horror. They have performed and exhibited at LUX Moving Image in London, London Short Film Festival, AUST Lisbon and BF Artist Film Festival. They have also written for publications including 3:AM Magazine and Random Access Magazine.