Panda Moonwalk or Why Meng Meng Walks Backwards

Panda Moonwalk or Why Meng Meng Walks Backwards

Kerstin Honeit

Short film

Sometimes, it’s two steps backwards. Berlin Zoo’s multi-million-dollar investment refuses to cooperate. In a cross between short film and performance in the public space, Kerstin Honeit combines elements of found footage films, reportage and music videos with humorous, queer re-enactments of interviews with passers-by to create a counter-narrative. Panda Meng Meng’s moonwalk turns into an act of rebellion.
– Miriam Gossing

In cooperation with Blonde Cobra

Director / Script

Kerstin Honeit


Ben Brix, Katja Anzelewsky


Kerstin Honeit, Emma Cattell


Jochen Jezussek


Mieko Suzuki


Surya Gied, Marlene Denningmann, Johanna Zinecker, Irene Pätzug, Jessica Páez, Fiona McGovern, Kerstin Honeit, Anne Hölck, Sophie Hilbert, Paula Godinez, Annette Hollywood

Production / Contact

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit works with experimental documentary moving image formats. In her films, she examines mechanisms of representation in hegemonic image production, in connection with cultural and linguistic modes of translation. She focuses on the politics of the (film) voice and on how the voice as a queer event within moving images can upset the gaze regimes of the dominant culture. Kerstin Honeit. Voice Works/Voice Strikes (ed. McGovern) was published by b_books in 2022.

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