Material Bodies

Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Experimental, experimenteller Kurzfilm
Programme for Kids and Young Adults

»I would love to be able to shift to viewing my prosthetics as an accessory. I want to be able to make them look badass.« Interweaving dance and dialogue scenes, the experimental film examines five artists’ relationship to their amputated limbs and prosthetics. Always an aid and an eye-catcher in everyday life, prosthetics can also be part of their users’ identity, a friend or a dance partner – and above all a means with which they can develop and express themselves personally.

Awards for Material Bodies
Best Artist Film – MY HERO International Film Festival 2020

Advice on individual programs and booking of performances for daycare groups and school classes at: kinderundjugend@frauenfilmfest.com

Director / Editing

Dorothy Allen-Pickard


Jack Wells


Adina Astrate

Sound Design

Ben Hauke




Mickaella Dantas, Caitlin McMullan, Daniel Bermingham, Kat Hawkins


Julie Machin, Lucy Pullicino


Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Director Dorothy Allen Pickard

Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Dorothy Allen-Pickard is a film-maker from London. She recently completed a master’s degree in directing at Goldsmiths University. She started out making documentary films while studying French and film at Warwick University. She is particularly interested in working with non-professional actors, making films that blend documentary and fiction.

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