Lemon and Berry

Limonek i Bezia

Lemon and Berry

Ilenia Cotardo, Piotr Ficner


Two hummingbird siblings find an egg while playing on the beach. Could it be a dinosaur egg maybe? The two research and experiment to find out how to help the creature in the egg grow and hatch. They firmly believe that new discoveries are possible and are rewarded with a surprise. The bright and colourful world of this stop-motion film, created entirely using paper, is so vivid that it truly begs you to touch and play along.

Director / Script

Ilenia Cotardo, Piotr Ficner




GS Animation


WJTeam / Likaon

Portrait of Ilenia Cotardo

Ilenia Cotardo

Ilenia Cotardo studied illustration and animation at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. Specialising in stop-motion films, she works as a puppet maker and animator, especially for children’s films.

Films by Ilenia Cotardo
Lemon & Elderflower 2017 | Déja-Vu 2014

Portrait of Piotr Ficner

Piotr Ficner

Piotr Ficner (1984) has a master’s degree in multimedia from the University of Opole. He is a stop-motion animator for children’s TV shows and feature films in Poland, the Czech Republic, UK and Slovenia.