Roxana Reiss (DoP)

experimenteller Kurzfilm
National Competition for Women Directors of Photography

Statement of the Jury (Isabelle Casez, Birgit Guðjonsdottir, Sabine Panossian)

»Fence is an experimental short feature film that explores our human limitations and the eternal dilemma of wanting to be an individual but also wanting to be one with someone in a relationship. Shot on 16-mm, the material’s texture defines the atmosphere of the film. With soft colours, contrasts and lighting effects reminiscent of Ingmar Bergman, a painterly effect is achieved. Scandinavia’s natural landscape is like a sensual canvas, a backdrop to the dynamics of a relationship between two women.

Ebba wakes up just an arm’s length away from her girlfriend Jona. That day, she can’t stop thinking about the dream she had about separation and union. Several visual levels give expression to the multidimensionality of the content. Tension mounts between the poles of attraction and repulsion.

A fence is being erected between Denmark and Germany to separate wild boar from domestic pigs and to prevent the spread of swine flu. The images of the animals’ contrasting worlds are extraordinary in their precision and visual power. In sum, we are impressed by the inspired, bold, abstract and lively camerawork. Unconventionally interpreted and consistent throughout, the cinematography still leaves us room for our own imagination. We can concentrate on the unspoken and all that lies behind the words or in the reflection of the mirror image.«

Guests: Roxana Reiss, Hilke Rönnfeldt

Director / Script

Hilke Rönnfeldt


Roxana Reiss


Matilda Henningsson

Sound Design

Diana Queiros


Sigurlaug Thorarensen, Julius Pollux Rothlaender


Lisa Carlehed, Emilie Claudius Kruse


Asta Stuhr


Asta Stuhr – Super16

Portrait of Cinematographer Roxana Reiss

Roxana Reiss (DoP)

Roxana Reiss, who was born in 1993, is a photographer and cinematographer. She lives in Copenhagen, where she is currently studying cinematography at the National Film School of Denmark. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the HFBK Hamburg, majoring in film. There, she received a scholarship from the Karl H. Ditze foundation for a semester abroad at the FUC film school in Buenos Aires. Prior to this, she attended the European Film College in Denmark. Reiss works with both 16-mm and digital film and has gained experience as a cinematographer on numerous short films and one feature film. Alturas was her first documentary and her graduation film at the HFBK Hamburg. This film won her the Lola 2020 Short Film Award in the category best documentary film and was also nominated for the German Camera Award.

Films by Roxana Reiss (Director, Cinematography)
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