Feeding the Birdies

Dagie Brundert

Short film

We don’t see much in this ambitious Super 8 wildlife documentary. The film-maker lies in wait:
»A cold and stormy day in South Sweden. I want to feed the little birdies and offer them some sunflower seeds. No birdie comes. The next day? Time lapsing, slowing down … ah! Here! A great tit! A birdie! 1/24th second … one frame, one bird.« Dagie Brundert
Super 8 TriX developed in rapeseed tea and some curcuma.

Director / Cinematography / Sound / Contact

Dagie Brundert

Porträt Dagie Brundert, Filmemacherin

Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert studied visual arts and experimental film in Berlin, and in the late 1980s fell in love with Super 8 film. Ever since, she’s taught herself everything she can; she absorbs everything, chews it and spits it out again. In recent years, she has become a specialist in organically processed Super 8 films and photos. She creates several Super 8 works every year. Brundert’s work is shown at festivals worldwide.

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