desired! – film lust & queer

desired! – film lust & queer


In a time when many countries are taking a step back regarding human rights. When, as always, the control of the bodies and sexuality of the citizens plays an important part of some politicians’ agenda. In »desired! – fi lm lust and queer« we are showing an optimistic program, with brave protagonists that are not afraid of challenging society rules to make the world more diverse. Because they can do it, and we can show it, and as we never know when or how things can go backwards, we also have a responsibility. Th e responsibility of being ourselves and show the ones that cannot be themselves that there is hope, there is another way, there is respect, debate and freedom.
Sex is always a controversial topic. Having it, not having it, watching, being watched. Having enough, not enough or too much, even talking about it for some people can be taboo. While each one of us, in our own particular way, measure the perfect amount for ourselves, there are also social and artistic movements which embrace an attitude towards it. In Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers we explore »Sex Positive« that states that sexuality should have no limits but safety and adult consent. Or in Sisterhood we find »Queer Feminist Porn« as a proposal to make queers and women take the representation of their sexuality on screen into their own hands.
At the same time queer artists all over the world ask questions and give different answers about the representation of bodies, gender, stereotypes and desire. They challenge traditional notions to confront us with ourselves. In Exposed we meet a group of performers working with a redefinition of Burlesque that combines politics and physical comedy. In Kumbia Queers: More louder bitte!, a lesbian-queer allfemale band mixes Latin American Cumbia with a punk attitude to reinterpret, with bold provocation and humor, a rhythm that is known to be macho and misogynist.
The lives of so many people improve every day by the tireless generous work of activists. In the documentary A Self-Made-Man we will accompany some teenagers and their parents in the journey of interior and exterior transition while navigating an intimate portrait of a transwomen- to-men youth advocate that will help them to come to terms with appearance confl icts, desires and future.
We will experience also the quest of love and self knowledge of a young androgynous Sebastian becoming Ellie in Something Must Break. A fi ction film that has just won the Tiger Award in Rotterdam Film Festival.
And if you are feeling depressed, don´t worry, it might be political – We present a workshop that invites you to explore your public feelings with sarcasm and irony to talk (and feel) the recent history of queer politics.
Above all, Freedom. To be ourselves, to agree, to disagree, to help others. We hope you use your freedom to join us in our screenings, panel discussions, talks with fi lmmakers, shows and beers. Because Queer is an umbrella to think and live broader, less conformist, to discover and embrace our own identity, to respect others and support them all the way. And cinema is a powerful tool, a perfect excuse to bring us together in a dark room to exercise our freedom.

_Mariel Maciá

Queer Feminist Porn and Sex Positive.

Manuela Kay, Marit Östberg, Johanna Schorn

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