The Alphabet of Feeling Bad

The Alphabet of Feeling Bad

Karin Michalski

experimenteller Kurzfilm
desired! – film lust & queer

The Alphabet of Feeling Bad shows an experimental interview with the theorist and activist Ann Cvetkovich. Cvetkovich’s performance, which is based on conversations with the filmmaker, defines terms from A to Z such as »depression«, but also everyday negative feelings like the impression of being stuck at an impasse, of feeling numb or not able to work, of not being adequate and not getting on, and provides them with a different meaning.


Karin Michalski


Renate Lorenz, Karin Michalski


Elfe Brandenburger


Robert Mleczko


Antje Volkmann


Ann Cvetkovich


Karin Michalski Medienproduktion

Karin Michalski

Karin Michalski works as an artist, film- and video art curator and lecturer in Berlin. She studied Film Directing and Production at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). With films and videos such as The Alphabet of Feeling Bad (2012), working on it (2008), Monika M. and Pashke and Sofia (2003), she has taken part in numerous festivals and exhibitions. In 2016, she co-edited An Unhappy Archive and in 2015 I Is for Impasse. Affektive Queerverbindungen in Theorie_Aktivismus_Kunst which was published by bbooks, Berlin. Between 2015 and 2018, she was a professor for art and media studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM).

Films by Karin Michalski (Selection)
The Alphabet of Feeling Bad 2012 / 2013 | working on it 2008 | Monika M. 2004 | Pashke und Sofia 2003