Kumbia Queers: More louder please!

Kumbia Queers: More louder bitte!

Kumbia Queers: More louder please!

Natalia Sanhueza, Almut Wetzstein

desired! – film lust & queer

The documentary Kumbia Queers: More louder please! shows six Latin-American musicians touring through Germany in 2011. The sound of the Kumbia Queers has its source in a mix of rock, pop, punk and Cumbia with a shade of queer. In their European Tour they present their reinterpretation of Cumbia, a musical style, which is known as chauvinistic and misogynistic in its lyrics and aesthetics. The Cumbia proposed by Ali, Pilar, Flor, Pat, Inés and Juana is strongly influenced by their past. Their political, musical, cultural ideas, their Do-it-Yourself style and the recent Argentinian history still have an effect on the content of their lyrics, their performance and their way of life. Through the musicians we learn how to survive by making music in Argentina and México and how the Queer and danceable way of being Punk is perceived there.

After the film there will be screened the music-videos Chica del
Calendario (R: Ali Gardorki, 2007), Feraido Nacional (R: Kumbia
Queers, 2010), Celosa (R: Kumbia Queers, 2011), Daniela (R: Ezequiel
Comeron, 2012), Kumbia Punk (R: Kumbia Queers, 2012) und Gascon
(R: Marcelo Enriquez, 2014)

In cooperation with: Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Lesben in Nordrhein-Westfalen


Natalia Sanhueza, Almut Wetzstein


Almut Wetzstein


Hannah Rosales-Musick


Thorsten Broda, Stefan Auch


Kumbia Queers


Almut Wetzstein

Natalia Sanhueza

Natalia Sanhueza, born in 1985 in Concepción (Chile), studied Latin American Language and Literature. In 2009 she moved to Berlin. Since 2010 she has studied Film Directing at the independent film academy FilmArche e.V. There she worked on several short films and directed a documentary film.

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Almut Wetzstein

Almut Wetzstein was born 1977 in Munich (Germany). She studied Intercultural Education Oldenburg and Istanbul. In 2006, she became a lecturer for diversity and anti- discimination trainings and film workshops. In 2010, she took up her studies in Camera Work and enrolled in the further training course for Documentary Film Production at filmArche e.V. Berlin. She has worked as a camerawomen and filmmaker since 2011.

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