Practical Seminar: Resolution – A question of perspective

Practical Seminar: Resolution – A question of perspective

Su Nicholls-Gärtner, Anja Siepmann

Systemic constellation work for film workers from all profession groups,who are looking for resolution impulses in conflicts, blocks to creativity or decision processes

Systemic constellations have their origins in the family constellation. In the meantime they have been successfully used in consulting in organisations, in coaching and in scriptwriting development. The lecturers orientate the work accordingly, depending on the interests of participants.

Constellation work provides an insight into the systems into which we are integrated. These range from the family, via the team and the film project, down to the screenplay. Beyond intellectual concepts of how things ought to be, we learn how things really are, that is, the effects they have: how individual aspects and/or persons relate to one another, whether there is a centre where energy is gathered, where energy is blocked, where somebody is excluded – where there is a movement in the direction of resolution. If we take these experiences as a basis and reorientate our viewpoint, new approaches can open up from which the entire system may benefit.

Some examples of topics that can be processed in this manner:
– professional blockages
– difficult decisions
– team and leadership conflicts
– the lack of success
– barriers in scriptwriting and project development

But also personal topics, for example:
– distressing experiences such as illness, loss or death
– conflicts within the family or in relationships
– or anything else that gets in the way in life as a barrier

Su Nicholls-Gärtner and Anja Siepmann’s work with projects and screenplays is not focused so much on dramatic content. Rather they encourage writers, directors, producers and other team members to declare their motivations and objectives of their own work and that of their personal dealings with specific subjects, values and strategies. In this process they try to recognise blockages and barriers and to transform these into resources for creativity, power of judgement and social competence.

Those who want to be involved in the experience of constellation work and get to know the field of influence of this multi-faceted process can take part in this two-day seminar – as well as all those who are looking for support in a concrete situation. Sensitive project and personal data will be treated anonymously.

Su Nicholls-Gärtner

Su Nicholls-Gärtner worked in her Canadian home city of Vancouver as a production and directing assistant before emigrating in 1993 to Germany and changing to post-production. As a film editor she worked from 1995 to 2000 for various film and television productions, including Juli and David im Wunderland. Since 2001, she has worked mainly in the fields of education and further education, and since 2002, has been director of the Sound and Image Editing Faculty at the ifs internationale filmschule köln. For many years she has been devoted to meditation and since she completed a course in family constellations in 2006 at the UTA Academy Cologne she has been supporting film workers with this work in processes of change and decision-making.

Anja Siepmann

After completing her studies in film and television production at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 1997, Anja Siepmann worked for five years as an independent producer and was involved in this period in international cinema productions, including Dancer in the Dark. From 2002 to 2010, she was in charge of education and further education at the ifs internationale filmschule köln. After practising yoga and meditation for ten years and acquiring various qualifications (a healing permit for psychotherapy, MBSR teacher) and taking various courses – including some in the field of systemic constellation work – she has since 2010 been offering courses in attentiveness, personal and team coaching and psychotherapeutic guidance in her own practise.