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30 September: »Kino Weltsichten« presents SWEET BEAN by Naomi Kawase

The Japanese director Naomi Kawase is one of the most important and award-winning contemporary directors. In 2015 she received the main prize at the International Women’s Film Festival in Dortmund for her feature film Still the Water.

In the program series »Kino Weltsichten« we are now showing her humorous and light-footed feature film Sweet Beans (Original title: An) from 2015. Dorayaki pancakes are the names of the pastries loved by the Japanese and filled with a red bean paste (An). Young ex-alcoholic Sentaro runs a small Dorayaki diner in Tokyo, although he doesn’t like the sweet pancakes. He just can’t make the bean paste and business is bad. An old woman, Tokue, offers to help…

»Kawase films the Japanese spring – later also the autumn – with a lucid clarity that commemorates the immaterial nature of cinema (light! colour!).« (epd film)

The »Kino Weltsichten« program is aimed primarily at women with and without a migration background, but is also open to anyone who enjoys watching good films. The conversations that follow the film screenings – with and without guests – are usually passionate and committed, but always characterized by mutual respect. Admission is free! Registration is not required. The film is recommended for ages 12 and up.

30 SEP 2022 4 p.m., Odeon Cinema, Severinstraße 81, 50678 Köln