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18 September: New documentary about ALICE SCHWARZER at the sweetSixteen cinema, Dortmund

We are presenting the new documentary film by Austrian director Sabine Derflinger on September 18th at the Dortmund cinema sweetSixteen in the presence of the director.

Francophile, feminist, genuine Ruhrpott child: in her new film, the Austrian director Sabine Derflinger devotes herself to the life of the Cologne chief edito  of the magazine EMMA, Alice Schwarzer. The film follows Schwarzer’s life issues and shows how the discourse on the women’s movement in Germany and France (MLF, Mouvement des liberation des femmes), abortion, prostitution and political Islam – to name just a few – has changed over the past fifty years.

The sensitive montage combines archive material, documentary and private recordings in such a way that, despite the abundance of themes, the contemporary historical context seems to be cast in one piece and effortlessly connects to the present. Findings from the television archive are reminiscent of the lively media appearances of the eloquent protagonist, who knows how to wisely defend herself against the casual, everyday sexism of her interlocutors. What has changed and how? What not? Derflinger asks these questions in her latest, dedicated film production.

The film was awarded the Great Diagonale Prize for Best Documentary Film 2022 at the Diagonale in Graz.

A cooperation with the Equality Office of the City of Dortmund as part of LETsDOK.

September 18, 7:00 p.m., sweetSixteen, Immermannstraße 29, Dortmund, more information.

Followed by a conversation with director Sabine Derflinger.