Wasteland No. 2: Hardy, Hearty

Jodie Mack


»›Can it be true,‹ said the first leaf, ›can it really be true, that others come to take our places when we’re gone and after them still others, and more and more?‹ ›It really is true,‹ whispered the second leaf. ›We can’t even begin to imagine it, it’s beyond our powers.‹«
Spring flowers literally frozen in a rapid cinematic flicker – an infinite cycle of living and dying.

Director / Cinematography / Editing / Contact

Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack creates experimental animated films. She received her master’s degree in Fine Arts in film, video and new media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Her work ranges from abstract animation and music documentaries to flicker films with stroboscopic effects. Mack’s 16 mm work has been shown internationally, including at Locarno Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival.

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