Redbird and Other Birds

Julieta Maria


The location for this essayistic film is the area around a small suburban airport. Since the control tower is now closed down, plane collisions have to be averted via radio communications. Julieta Maria is interested in the connections and parallels between bird and aircraft spaces and their vulnerabilities. She creates an acoustic setting with radio transmissions and birdsong. A pilot and a birdwatcher are also invited to comment.

Director / Editing

Julieta María

Cinematography / Sound

Ben Donoghue, Julieta María


Julieta María

Porträt von Julieta María

Julieta Maria

Julieta María is a Toronto-based media artist who works primarily with video performance and experimental documentaries. She has shown her work both in film festivals and gallery settings, including the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Rencontres (Toulouse), FIFA Experimental (Montreal), Gardiner Museum (Toronto), Sur Gallery (Toronto), Museo del Oro (Colombia), Asunción Biennial (Paraguay), among others.

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