Lisa Truttmann


Termites offer Lisa Truttmann an unusual way of approaching the city of Los Angeles. The visual framework for this film are huge, colourful plastic tarpaulins which are used by exterminators to control termites. Buildings are wrapped up and unwrapped and presented in the film like gigantic, temporary works of art. The termites do what they are destined to do: eat dead wood. The architectural structure of LA is made of wood.

Offscreen, we hear experts speaking: media historians, construction workers, exterminators, entomologists, chemists, urban planners, writers and travellers. Enthusiastically following these digressive trains of thought, the director personally reviews the meandering discussion: she rejects, comments on and intently follows the habits of the termites and fascinating plastic structures, gradually exposing political, social and economic relationships between the inhabitants of the city. Preoccupation with the termites and their hunters raises questions about damage and the damaged, life and death, profit and loss, familiar and unfamiliar, microcosm and macrocosm.

In collaboration with The Golden Pixel Cooperative.

Director / Concept / Cinematography / Editing / Production

Lisa Truttmann


Aidan Reynolds


Lisa Truttmann

Portrait of Lisa Truttmann.

Lisa Truttmann

Lisa Truttmann, born in 1983, St. Pölten, is an artist and filmmaker based in Vienna. In her work she traces the structures of social, urban and natural landscapes. She studied transmedia arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and received a Fulbright scholarship for her graduate studies in film/video at the California Institute of the Arts. Truttmann’s moving images and installations have been shown internationally at exhibition venues and film festivals. She has been teaching at the University of Art and Design Linz and University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2017 and is a member of The Golden Pixel Cooperative.

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