Something Different

O něčem jiném

Something Different

Věra Chytilová

Feature Film

This film is about Something Different, and in 1963 won Věra Chytilová first prize in the Mannheim Film Festival. Chytilová does not present just the one role model, such as that of the New Woman which propagated by Socialism. Rather, her film is about the lives of two women that are as similar as they are different, and these lives defy all comparison since each appears on the screen within the parameters of a different film genre. The housewife Věra, her husband, small son and lover are fictitious, while top gymnast Eva Bosáková is real.

The documentary film bears witness to this with footage of her training for the 1962 World Championships in Prague. In the parallel montage of these two films, something new manifests itself, the radical rejection of a decision. The unease they feel about their personal circumstances and the fact that neither really changes anything appears to be the only thing that connects the two women. The gymnast endures endless physical torture and foregoes a social life for the sake of her success, while Věra fails to break out of her monotonous, loveless life. Only details from the film montage reveal occasional moments of productive commonality.

Awards for ›Von etwas anderem‹
Großer Preis – Inernationale Filmwoche Mannheim 1963

Director / Script

Věra Chytilová


Jan Čuřík


Jiří Šlitr


Eva Bosáková, Věra Uzelacová, Josef Langmiler, Jiří Kodet, Milivoj Uzelac, Jaroslava Matlochová, Luboš Ogoun, Vladimir Bosák, Dagmar Cejnkova


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Věra Chytilová

Born 1929 in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, Chytilová first studied philosophy and architecture before then moving to study at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Together with Miloš Forman, she was a leading figure in the Czech New Wave in the 1960s. Something Different was awarded the Grand Prize at the Mannheim International Film Week in 1963. Her film Daisies (1966) won the Grand Prize at the Bergamo Film Festival. Due to her commitment to the feminist cause, she was banned from working between 1969 and 1975. In 1998, she was awarded the Czech order of merit, and three years later received the Czech Critics Award for Vyhnáni z ráje. Chytilová died in Prague in 2014.

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