Bu yao zai jian a, Yu hua tang

Virgin Blue

Niu Xiaoyu

OmeU, dt. UT

This film can’t be trusted: clocks stop suddenly and reflections of light are up to mischief. While Yezi spends a summer in a flat with her grandmother, we delve into her family history. In doing so we are freed from any chronology, and invited into a different perception of time. Light sources in all imaginable forms alternately cast shadows of forgetfulness and bright memories. »It feels like I’m dreaming,« says the grandmother, perfectly describing how you feel watching this film with its intoxicating aesthetic creativity. Dazzling costumes lend a magic aura to the dream worlds at Yuhna Lake, drawings give a glimpse into past emotions, and we hear spellbinding imaginative stories about the boy with the sewn-on bear skin.

Behind the light-hearted songs, however, there are melancholy sounds telling of a young woman growing up. A woman who wants to know where she comes from and which story can help her understand herself. »Dad only loves me as his daughter, but not as myself,« remarks one character, reminding us that we often can’t be who we’d like to be for others and that parents are unable to see their children detached from the period of childhood. Niu Xiaoyu’s feeling for interpersonal subtleties comes through in the film, making Virgin Blue a mature and, in terms of form, an exceptional debut.

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Director / Script

Niu Xiaoyu


Deng Xu


Hu Shuzhen


Rubey Hu


Ye Zi, Zheng Shengzhi


Wang Zijian, Zhu Wenhui, Blackfin Production, Yu Tang Films (Anhui)



Regisseurin Niu Xiaoyu

Niu Xiaoyu

Niu Xiaoyu was born in the city of Hefei in the Chinese province Anhui. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor’s degree in animation and a master’s degree in experimental film. Her two short films Summer Fever (2013) and Summer Fever II (2017) were screened as part of the official selection at the 10th China Independent Film Festival (2013), the 26th Festival Côté court (2017) and the 12th FIRST International Film Festival (2017). Virgin Blue is her first feature film. It had its world premiere in Locarno in the Cineasti del presente competition in 2021 and premiered in Germany at the Filmfest Hamburg.

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