This Summer Mosquitos Will Be Worst than Ever

Quest’estate le zanzare sarrano più cattive

This Summer Mosquitos Will Be Worst than Ever

Silvia De Gennaro

The Film All-Nighter

»The most used words by media and politicians are: alert, danger and catastrophe.«
– Silvia De Gennaro

What happens when the media blow up midges into a plague of dangerous insects is the subject of Quest’estate le zanzare sarrano più cattive. The film title is the heading of a newspaper article. In Claudia De Gennaro‘s film, this symbolises the kind of journalism that doe not inform the reader but makes him afraid. The protagonist locks herself up in a darkroom so that she can weave a spider‘s web to cope with the plague of evil insects.

Director / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Sound

Silvia De Gennaro


Alessio Scarale


Silvia De Gennaro, Assaus



Silvia De Gennaro

Silvia De Gennaro lives in Rome and works across disciplines. Some of her paintings were used by Cristina Comencini for the film Matrimoni. Together with architect Alessio Scarale she has created projects in different genres. But the emphasis of De Gennaro‘s work lies in media art.

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